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A woman’s body is an amazing machine. It is full of complex systems that not only sustain life but also creates new life. All of these systems must work in constant, harmonious co-operation with the each other in order for the female body to function at its best.

Nowadays we know very well how a woman’s body works, but still many of us are unaware of the importance of our organs functionality and we rarely know much our hormones can affect women’s health and wellbeing. We don’t really talk about the enormous effect hormones have from birth, through puberty, pregnancy to menopause to our physical and emotional health.

The truth is that there is a lot that can be done to prevent any common problems in different phases. Even though it’s often not until we want to have a baby, feel unwell or begin the menopause when we seek help, there’s always methods and treatments that can help you to solve your health concerns.

Nordic Nutritionist’s approach is to carefully investigate what the key factors are that drive the client’s symptoms. Finding the root cause for the client’s current health situation is always crucial. For example, if a client has suddenly gained weight and feels exhausted, it is not enough to correct just the diet because her thyroid may be the cause of symptoms and the treatment plan may require medical support alongside a nutritional plan. My working methods are invasive-free and my goal is to help through dietary and lifestyle changes and supplements.

As per the above example, testing and alternative treatments may be recommended as a part of the treatment plan.


Understanding Female Hormonal issues

At every different stage of life, hormones play a powerful role. The most important is our sex hormones, which triggers the different changes that occur in our body over the lifetime.  However, the hormones released from our ovaries are not the only hormones that control our cycle or affecting our reproductive and general health.  The glands of the endocrine system have also important part as they releases many other hormones that are sex hormones are dependent on. An imbalance in one system will have a snowball effect on another. For that reason, hormonal balance means not just looking after our sex hormones or reproductive organs, it means looking after the whole body.

women's health

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