Sports Nutrition - Nordic Nutritionist - Nutritional Therapy Services
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Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition plays a crucial part in maintaining and enhancing an athlete’s performance.

Every athlete has individual nutritional requirements depending on their sport, whether they are novices, elite or amateurs, their activity in different seasons, health status, age and nutritional goals. Some sports require low body weight or changes in body composition to be able to perform at it best. A carefully planned sports nutrition diet is essential to ensure optimal and sufficient intake of nutrients and fluids. Nutrition plays an important role during the post-recovery period, so the goal is to support and enhance the body for better and faster recovery.


Nordic Nutritionist can help both elite athletes and amateurs who want to fulfil their maximum potential or move to the next level of their training. Nutritional programs can be tailored to every sportsperson’s needs and seasonal planning as well as co-operation with a coach can be organized.


  • Dietary advice and diet plan for optimal, improved performance
  • Optimum body composition
  • Supplement plan to support health, performance, recovery
  • Recovery and injury prevention