…I lost 10 kgs that had accumulated over the past 8 years while having two children. A busy and demanding phase of life left me with no energy or motivation to shed the pounds – I even thought it was impossible.

Once I started the program, my weight began to drop immediately.

Following the meal plan was incredibly easy thanks to clear instructions, a shopping list, and a well-thought-out meal schedule. Although breaking my accustomed eating habits initially required mental discipline and perseverance, I never really felt like I was giving up anything – or at least not anything important!

Following Sonia’s designed meal plan was easy in a family of four with two young children. I could easily adjust the portions to suit the whole family without much hassle.

Shedding kilos gave me a big boost in self-confidence – not only because of the changed appearance but primarily because I proved to myself what I am capable of.

I would have never believed that I could achieve my goal of losing 10 kgs. But with Sonia’s help, I regained autonomy over my own body.

The Radiance program brought so much good into my life. The positive effects snowballed forward like an avalanche: the right diet resulted in an energetic feeling. Now I have better endurance at work, at home, and with the kids. I also have the energy to exercise again!

During the programme I embraced a new diet and meal routine as part of my everyday life. I couldn’t imagine going back to the way things were before.

Investing in my own well-being has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Jaana, Radiance


…During the six months of coaching, I lost 8 kgs, and in the following six months, another 8kgs. A year after starting the programme, I am healthier, feel better, have more energy and my overall wellbeing has improved. I wanted a personalized programme where both the professional and I were committed to goals. The significance of the mental aspect – and the end result – surprised me! I was committed to good goals, but how we actually achieved them was ultimately a pleasant surprise.

The recipes were easy, good and varied! Stuffed zucchinis, zucchini bolognese, all the bowls, eggs for snacks, and green smoothies were my favorites.

It would have been good to agree on the programme themes in advance, and slightly shorter sessions would have worked for me. However, a 6-month programme was an ideal time for me to make significant changes.

Woman, +30 yrs, Radiance


…I didn’t feel particularly unwell before starting the programme, but during it, I understood and experienced a tremendous change in my well-being and daily energy levels. I felt that Radiance met my needs, even though good motivation alone doesn’t make the change easy. On the other hand, it was fantastic to notice how rewarding it felt to make good choices. 

Following the recipes was also very easy. They were adjusted to my preferences, and we found recipes that suited me perfectly. I added various changes and tasty recipes to my daily routine. I wasn’t a big fan of soups; I can’t say why. Breakfast, in particular, was challenging for me, but I liked the variety. The recipes were easy to execute, especially when I had already made the dish once, I could fine-tune for optimal quantities. Only in the later stages did I better understand the importance and possibilities of food prepping. It was good that many recipes included information on storage time and modification options.

Woman, +40 yrs, Radiance

The duration of the programme was suitable for me, and I achieved my goals. Radiance was definitely an excellent overall package.


…achieving outstanding results – results that, even 9 months later, continue to improve. I joined the programme because I wanted to make lasting lifestyle changes for the better, definitely not just a diet.

I was surprised by how emotional the journey was and how my belief was tested many times. I could never have sustained this level of commitment without Sonia’s support.

The recipes were easy, although I initially had to adjust to different units of measurement. Smoothies and chickpea salad are still my favorites.

The duration of the program was just right, and I highly recommend Nordic Nutritionist and the Radiance programme.

Author & Speaker, Camilla Tuominen, Radiance