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Nordic Nutritionist

A fresh approach to weight loss, nutrition and wellbeing since 2010. 

Nordic Nutritionist is a nutrition community for women who want to maximize their wellbeing through a balanced and healthy diet. We’re into practical tips, nutrition facts, and simple yet nourishing recipes that seamlessly blend into your daily life.

Today, our community is growing faster than ever, and as a result, we have expanded with a family of digital, on-demand products essential for your wellbeing journey.

Meet Sonia!

Sonia is a Finnish born, London-Dubai based mother of three. After a career as a model, personal trainer and Pilates instructor, Sonia resolved her own health concerns via optimal nutrition and lifestyle modifications. She was inspired to pursue a new career and start Nordic Nutritionist.

Sonia is passionate about helping other women feel at peace with their eating and simultaneously achieving their optimal weight without drastic diets. She values quick, healthy and fuss-free solutions – just like the ones she’s created for Nordic Nutritionist. During her 13 years as a Nutritional Therapist, she has helped thousands of clients find balance in their eating through her programmes and products. 

Sonia has created an uplifting culture around nutrition that does not dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins or needs restrictive lists of good and bad foods. Instead, she believes in promoting healthy and balanced eating habits that are flexible & motivating, leading to long-lasting results! She is on a mission to help women to achieve their best shape, mindset and live guilt-free where food is a friend, not an enemy.

Sonia’s qualifications

  • Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist Diploma (CNM London 2014)
  • Sport Nutrition Diploma (ION London 2015)
  • Health Coaching Certificate (IIN New York 2011)
  • Sport Medicine Diploma (Open University of Finland 2008)
  • Personal Trainer (FAF Finland 2007)
  • Pilates Instructor Diploma (Finland 2004)
  • Ongoing studies for BS degree in Nutrition Therapy and Behaviour Changes (graduation January 2015)

Shop Nordic Nutritionist’s Digital Products

Achieve your optimal weight and maximize your wellbeing!

Shop Nordic Nutritionist’s Digital Products

Achieve your optimal weight and maximize your wellbeing!