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Discover Nordic Nutritionist’s digital products designed to empower and inspire you on your wellness journey. Accessible on-demand, these easy-to-use resources allow you to learn and nourish your body from the comfort of your own home.

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Transform your wellbeing with a 5-week online course covering the essentials of nutrition that you need to get on the right track towards a vibrant life.


What’s Included
  • Comprehensive lessons covering the essentials of nutrition & wellbeing

  • Easy-to-use tools to identify your own eating habits & say goodbye to diets and fads!

  • Tips to increase your energy levels and overcome emotional eating

  • Provides a solid foundation for a balanced diet

Clean Kitchen Stories

Seasonal meal plan subscription service curated by Nordic Nutritionist designed to optimize your weight and find balance in eating.

€8.99 / month

What’s Included
  • Seasonal 7-day meal plan curated by Nordic Nutritionist

  • Includes a grocery list, step-by-step recipes and structured eating timetable

  • Easy recipes that are seamlessly added to your daily routine

  • Designed to repeat for 4 weeks for optimal results

  • Suitable for most diets

Simple & Easy

Recipe eBook containing 24 hassle-free, delicious recipes to inspire you in the kitchen!


What’s Included
  • Sonia’s favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

  • Quick to prepare, filling, and nutritious

  • Designed to support you on your wellness journey

  • Downloadable PDF format