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What is Nordic Nutritionist?2024-02-06T17:03:27+00:00

Nordic Nutritionist is a nutrition community for women like you, who want to maximize their wellbeing through a balanced and healthy diet. Our mission is to help women achieve their best shape, mindset and live guilt-free where food is a friend, not an enemy.

Who is Sonia Wahlroos, founder of Nordic Nutritionist?2024-03-25T11:20:09+00:00

Image of Nordic Nutritionist Sonia WahlroosSonia is a certified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach who is passionate about helping other women feel at peace with their eating and simultaneously achieving their optimal weight without drastic diets. She values quick, healthy and fuss-free solutions – just like the ones she’s created for Nordic Nutritionist.

During her 15+ years as a Nutritional Therapist, she has helped thousands of clients find balance in their eating through her programmes and products.

What is the PURE-online course?2024-03-25T11:39:52+00:00

PURE is a foundation course that covers essentials of nutrition and wellbeing you need to get on the right track towards a vibrant life. Think of it like a mirror to your own eating habits. This course helps you become aware of your eating habits and patterns. Over the course of five weeks, you will expand your knowledge about the basics of good nutrition and find effective, healthy ways to meet your energy needs. Guided by Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, Sonia Wahlroos, you will learn the importance of your food choices and the impact your emotions have towards eating and your overall wellbeing.

You will also gain practical, everyday tools for holistic wellbeing. After completing PURE, you’ll regain autonomy over your nutritional choices. You will leave with sustainable habits that will make your everyday life vibrant.

What is included in the PURE-online course?2024-02-28T17:09:27+00:00

The course covers five different topics that are essential for your wellbeing journey. It includes instructional videos covering the foundations of a balanced diet, easy-to-use tools to identify your eating habits, simple recipes, and practical changes you can make to improve your health, eating and lifestyle patterns. We’ve added clear action plans to increase your energy levels and make sustainable changes. To improve your experience, PURE now includes a 5-week meal plan and 3 live sessions.

Who is the course hosted by?2024-03-25T11:21:22+00:00

The course is hosted by certified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, Sonia Wahlroos. She has been working with health and wellness for over 15+ years. Sonia is passionate to help women feel better and support them in their process of finding functional and sustainable wellbeing solutions.

Is this course right for me?2024-03-25T11:32:30+00:00

If you are tired of diet culture, constantly changing health trends, and fad products, and you are looking for long-term, lasting improvement in your wellbeing, then PURE is exactly what you need. Maybe you fall into one of these four categories:

  1. You’re a go-getter, hustler, or just really, really busy. You find yourself constantly running from meeting to meeting, grabbing quick bites whenever you can. If your meals consist of leftover croissants and endless cups of coffee, it’s time to take a break and join our PURE course. Learn how to nourish your body and mind with healthy, easy-to-make meals that will keep you energized throughout your busy day. Who knows, you might even impress your coworkers with your newfound culinary skills.
  2. You’re a mom on a mission. Between chauffeuring your kids to soccer practice, running errands, and doing laundry, you struggle to find time to take care of yourself. If you’ve ever eaten your kid’s leftover mac and cheese for breakfast (we’ve all been there), it’s time to prioritize your own health. Join our PURE course and learn how to make quick and healthy meals for you and your family. Your kids might even start requesting kale chips instead of potato chips.
  3. You’re jumping from diet to diet, searching for the perfect eating plan. But you’re getting tired of restricting yourself and feeling guilty when you indulge in your favorite foods. If you’re ready to break the cycle and learn how to eat for your health and happiness, join our PURE course. You’ll learn how to nourish your body with whole foods and find a balanced approach to eating that works for you. Say goodbye to fad diets and hello to sustainable, enjoyable eating habits.
  4. You’re always scrolling through TikTok, trying to keep up with the latest health trends. You find yourself buying every superfood that promises to boost your immune system or help you lose weight. If you’re tired of the hype and want to learn how to make real, lasting changes to your health, join our PURE course. You’ll learn the basics of good nutrition and how to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life. And who knows, maybe you’ll even start a new TikTok trend with your healthy, delicious creations.
How much does the course cost?2024-02-06T17:12:43+00:00

The course is a one-time payment of 179€ . You can pay with any major credit / debit card.

How long does it take?2024-02-06T17:12:56+00:00

The course is designed to be completed in 5 weeks. Even though you might want to complete the course quicker – trust the process – changes don’t happen overnight. You’re here because you want to learn to understand your current lifestyle and choices, and start eating through critical yet positive lenses.

I’m still trying to make a decision. What can I do?2024-02-06T17:13:10+00:00

We’re confident you’ll LOVE the course and be transformed by what you learn. But due to the digital nature of my products, there are no refunds. All sales are final. If you are on the fence about any aspect of this course, feel free to DM on Instagram or email us at info@nordicnutritionist.com to see if it’s a right fit for you.

How will you make sure I reach my goals?2024-03-25T11:32:39+00:00

Each module of PURE has easy-to-use tools and tips that you can implement TODAY to help you better understand your current health habits. In order to make life-long changes, you have to FIRST become aware of your current challenges & patterns. The course won’t change your life in five weeks, but it will give you all the tools you need to start improving your health. The aim is to awaken your curiosity and get interested in becoming the best version of yourself – and we will be here to support you every step of the way! During the five weeks, you will make improvements and small changes that support your life, body & wellbeing.

I love to learn, how do I access the materials?2024-03-25T11:43:00+00:00

We open up PURE a few times a year. The course opens back up in August 2024. The materials will be accessible for 6 months. If you’re part of the spring cohort, you can log in to the course on desktop or mobile – all 5 weeks of learning materials are ready for you. We encourage you to follow the modules in order, but you can always return to previous materials as needed!

Will this course come with a customized meal plan?2024-03-25T11:44:42+00:00

No. This course includes tools that can be applied to your personal eating habits and it teaches you how you can start to improve your diet and overcome challenges. PURE will educate and offer you guidance on how to implement better choices in your life. You have to first understand your existing habits before you can implement new ones. We have added a 5-week meal plan suitable for most people. This meal plan should serve as your source of inspiration for healthy recipes and moving towards a regular eating rhythm. 

What is Clean Kitchen Stories?2024-02-05T12:55:06+00:00

Clean Kitchen Stories is a monthly subscription service to a 7-day meal plan curated by our Nutritional Therapist, Sonia, with seasonality in mind. The meal plan is designed to be repeated for 4 weeks and is suitable for most diets. Each meal plan is well-balanced, a healthy, simple and delicious menu plan that optimises your wellbeing, effortlessly.

Who is Clean Kitchen Stories for?2024-02-05T12:48:57+00:00

Not everyone needs a nutritional therapist, but we all need some cooking inspiration and easy recipes in our busy lives. CKS is for you if you want a clear meal plan to help structure your eating habits and make healthy eating really easy. Say goodbye to endless scrolling on Instagram in order to find ideas for nutritious meals!

Does it suit special diets?2024-02-05T12:48:51+00:00

All CKS meal plans are high in fibre, and low in sugar, processed products and refined grains. They have a minimum of 80 % dairy- and gluten-free, and animal proteins & plant proteins are well-balanced. If you are vegetarian / paleo / training as an athlete, some modifications might be needed.

How long can I access the materials?2024-03-25T11:44:03+00:00

If you’re part of the spring cohort, your materials are available to you for 6 months until Sep 1st.

Why is the 7-day plan repeated for four weeks instead of a plan for 30 days?2024-02-05T12:48:46+00:00

In order for your body to adjust to new eating habits, it needs time and repetition. Consistency leads to positive results inside and out! And, with a weekly repetition, you won’t have to buy so many different ingredients, minimizing food waste & grocery costs.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee? What if I am not satisfied with the course?2024-02-06T17:16:11+00:00

We’re confident you’ll LOVE the course and be transformed by what you learn. Due to the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds. But if you are on the fence about any aspect of this course, feel free to DM me or email us at onlinecourses@nordicnutritionist.com to see if it’s a right fit for you.

I’ve been a 1:1 customer of Nordic Nutritionist before. Do I need this course?2024-03-25T11:32:46+00:00

Yes. PURE offers wonderful tools and insights that strengthen your foundations, even if you’ve been a customer before. As always – repetition is never harmful. During the course you are in an active role. Becoming more aware of your lifestyle and choices is always a smart investment.

I’m a professional in the wellness industry. Is there any benefit for me?2024-02-06T17:16:40+00:00

I truly hope so. I am passionate to share my ideology and methods with all like-minded therapists and coaches. In addition, as this is a pilot course, constructive feedback is very much appreciated and needed to further develop our services for our customers!

Does this course include recipes or workouts?2024-02-06T17:16:55+00:00

Yes, but more like weekly tips on how you can improve your current eating! Each module includes a simple, fuss-free recipe that can be a breakfast, snack or main meal. Check out Clean Kitchen Stories and Simple & Easy for more recipe inspo!

Is this course only related to nutrition/food/cooking?2024-02-06T17:17:18+00:00

This course is not only a nutrition course. It is the foundation course for healthier, balanced and sustainable eating and living. To be able to follow a diet plan and maintain results, you have to do in-depth work with yourself and ask why you want to e.g. lose weight. When you understand why, it is easier to stay motivated and achieve great results.

Can I cure illnesses if attending the course?2024-03-25T11:31:49+00:00

The course is not treating any medical conditions and we are not making any medical claims in PURE. The course information is referring to medical and scientific data but does not discuss or resolve global health concerns. To simplify, it is targeted towards individuals who want to feel at their best and learn methods to achieve it.

I am recovering from a serious illness, can I follow the food and nutrition guidance?2024-02-06T17:17:45+00:00

The course will be beneficial in most cases, however, you should always consult your doctor prior to taking on any new dietary recommendations or major lifestyle changes.

What is the Simple & Easy recipe eBook?2024-02-06T17:18:27+00:00

Simple & Easy is a collection of Sonia’s favorite everyday recipes, some discovered at friends’ dinner tables! The eBook is designed to simplify and enhance the pursuit of feeling good through better food choices. The booklet emphasizes quick preparation, nutritious and filling meals, and aims to make everyday cooking both simple and hassle-free. It includes 24 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How do I get access?2024-02-06T17:22:55+00:00

Once you purchase the Simple & Easy, you’ll receive an email with a link to open & download the PDF. You can save it on your laptop, iPad, or phone for easy access anytime. You’ll always have your recipes handy, whether you’re in the kitchen or at the grocery store, making meal planning and shopping a breeze.

Who is Simple & Easy designed for?2024-02-06T17:19:04+00:00

Anyone seeking nutritious kitchen inspiration – from busy families to solo diners. It simplifies healthy eating with recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Ideal for those who want nutritious meals without the hassle, it’s a practical choice for everyday cooking.

What types of recipes are included?2024-02-06T17:19:19+00:00

You’ll find an array of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all crafted for ease and simplicity. The focus is on accessible ingredients and straightforward cooking methods, ensuring a hassle-free experience even if cooking is not your forte.

Can I use the recipes for a cleansing week or detox?2024-02-06T17:19:36+00:00

You might want to start with our free 7-Day Detox plan that works perfect for this. While the recipes in Simple & Easy are designed for everyday healthy eating, they can also be adapted for a cleansing week or detox. You might need to tweak some ingredients to align with detox requirements, but overall, these recipes provide a great foundation for clean eating.

Is the Simple & Easy recipe eBook suitable for beginners in cooking or nutrition?2024-02-06T17:19:54+00:00

Absolutely! The ‘Simple & Easy’ recipe eBook is perfect for beginners. It focuses on straightforward, easy-to-follow recipes using common ingredients. Whether you’re new to cooking or just starting to explore nutrition, this eBook makes healthy eating approachable and enjoyable.

In which languages is the eBook available?2024-02-06T17:20:45+00:00

Simple & Easy is available in both English and Finnish.

Are the recipes adaptable for dietary restrictions or allergies?2024-02-06T17:20:57+00:00

Flexibility is key. All recipes are designed to be easily modified to suit dietary restrictions or allergies, making it a versatile choice for various nutritional needs.

What is holistic Nutritional Therapy?2024-02-06T17:06:03+00:00

Holistic Nutritional Therapy is more than just food; it’s about creating a healthy nutritional plan and routine to support your healthy lifestyle. All recommendations are safe and backed by clinical, functional, and conventional medicine.

Is this for me? Do I need Nutritional Therapy?2024-02-06T17:06:23+00:00

If your goal is weight loss, weight optimisation, or you have health issues (e.g. food sensitivities, digestive/hormonal concerns), our personalised programmes give the tools, knowledge and support to maximise and maintain your wellbeing.

What’s included in a Personalised Programme?2024-02-06T17:06:38+00:00

Each programme starts with a detailed evaluation of your current health status. It’s essential that we identify any barriers that have previously prevented you from accomplishing your optimum health. Then, we move onto setting realistic, attainable goals and a clear road map (tailored nutrition plan, meal plans, and supplement regimes) to achieve them. With each coaching session, you will continue to get the guidance, knowledge and support to succeed!

How long does it take?2024-02-06T17:07:14+00:00

Programmes are all 5 months long.

How much does it cost?2024-02-06T17:07:21+00:00

The Radiance programme is priced at €2,500.00, and the Balance programme is €1,890.00

Personalised programmes are perfect for me if…2024-02-06T17:07:35+00:00
  • You are struggling with your weight – you want to be thinner but it’s a goal that’s never achieved. You are always on short term diets or doing excessive exercise and sports to try and shed pounds, but nothing seems to work.
  • You are lacking in energy – you might be experiencing sleep issues and are fighting stress, irritability, and anxiety regularly.
  • You are suffering from digestive issues – maybe that’s constipation, cramping or bloating. You’ve tried to cut out foods to avoid the issues but always seem to end up making the situation worse rather than better.
  • You feel that there is no time to focus on your health. Yet you no longer feel comfortable in your own skin and have lost your confidence after bringing up your family, leaving you and your health always bottom of the pile.
I’m still trying to make a decision if I should join a personalised programme. What can I do?2024-03-25T11:28:10+00:00

You can always fill out our Find Your Fit-quiz to see which one of our products or services is the right fit for you. Still not sure yet? Book a discovery call with Sonia to discuss your case. Remember, if a personalised programme seems too much, consider the PURE online course, which could be a great alternative for you. It gives you all the tools to get back on track towards a healthier you!

What’s the difference between the Radiance programme & the Balance programme?2024-02-06T17:08:46+00:00

Radiance is designed for weight loss and lifestyle changes without major health concerns. Balance is focused on resolving health issues and involves more testing.

How will you make sure I reach my goals?2024-03-25T11:22:46+00:00

Your success is my mission. With over 15+ years of experience in nutritional therapy and health, I’ll share all my knowledge, techniques, and proven methods. We’ll have regular sessions and follow-ups to ensure you’re on the right track, turning you into your own coach for lasting results.

Can I cure illnesses with your Personalised Programmes?2024-02-06T17:09:14+00:00

While our goal is to address and potentially cure certain health concerns, it’s important to remember that every individual is different. As a nutritional therapist, I recommend consulting with your doctor for illnesses requiring medical attention.

What will I need for the programme?2024-02-06T17:09:40+00:00

You’ll need time, commitment, and an open mind. Our remote sessions require a good internet connection, a laptop, and possibly headphones. A comfortable desk setup is also recommended for the best experience.

I am pregnant/recently had a child. Is this right for me?2024-02-06T17:09:56+00:00

Absolutely! The programmes are customized for your specific situation, including pregnancy or post-childbirth. We focus on healthy, balanced eating rather than strict dieting.

When are new plans uploaded?2024-02-05T12:46:50+00:00

A new meal plan is uploaded 1st of every month!

What’s included in a monthly subscription?2024-02-05T12:46:45+00:00
  • A Well-Balanced Eating Timetable The meal plan includes a structured daily eating timetable, offering you five wholesome meals to keep your energy levels steady. Batch cooking is encouraged at times for convenience.
  • A Convenient Grocery List We’re all about simple & easy. That’s why we’ve included a comprehensive grocery list featuring all the ingredients you’ll need for the week.
  • Step-by-Step Recipes Each recipe is thoughtfully curated, complete with step-by-step instructions and nutritional insights to make sure cooking is an enjoyable and stress-free experience.
  • Easy substitutions The recipes are delicious as-is, but if you’re wanting to swap a protein or a flavor for something else – go for it!
Can I cancel at any time?2024-02-05T12:46:40+00:00

Of course! Cancel at any time, but make sure to save all the recipes to your mobile device or desktop before the end of your billing cycle!

How do I cancel my subscription?2024-02-05T12:46:34+00:00

Log in to your CKS account, go to your Account Settings, and hit Cancel Subscription. We’re sorry to see you go!

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