Simple & Easy – Recipe ebook (Finnish)



What we eat has a significant impact on how we feel. By making better choices, we can live a better life – it’s as simple as that.

However, making good choices is not always easy. Our bodies need nourishment multiple times a day, and each meal involves choices that are not always clear cut. The purpose of this recipe booklet is to make the pursuit of feeling good both simpler and easier.

This is why I have gathered into this book my own favorite everyday recipes as well as a few recipes that I have fallen in love with at my friends’ dinner tables. All meals are quick to prepare, filling, and nutritious – they are trusted companions in my everyday cooking. For me, speed and simplicity are the most important aspects of everyday cooking, and preparing meals should not cause too much hassle.

Try these recipes as part of your own routine. Perhaps discover new favorites or use them as a basis for a cleansing week after the summer. Your body tells you what it likes, and when food makes you feel good, making better choices becomes even simpler. Simple and easy – enjoy this culinary journey.

The ebook contains breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes – 24 recipes in total.

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